Maximum Edge© certified Member

Did you know you can increase your speed, turn better, stop better, add shot velocity and accuracy and decrease balance compensation all by having your skates sharpened properly and profiled using the Maximum Edge process? Bet you also didn’t know Diamond Sharp Hockey has Maximum Edge’s only trained and certified skate technicians in South Florida.

So now that you know, you can join the players who have the Maximum Edge. If you think a sharpening is just something you have done when your skates begin losing their edges to help you dig into the ice, then you owe it to yourself to skate on the ice, not in it with Maximum Edge’s patented sharpening and finishing process. The seven-step process is customized to your specific requirements. DSH checks, customizes and squares your edges so you compensate less.

Did you know that by profiling your skates you can increase speed, make tight turns maintaining proper balance, and be more agile and stable in transitions? Profiling your skates can even reduce injury by working through alignment and customized blade profile to reduce compensations.

Balance while skating is maintained by a series of compensations by your body that coincide with changes brought about by turns, starts, stops, etc. Less compensation means less thinking about your skating.

DSH keeps your specific information on file. Every sharpening is consistent and customized to your skating requirements. Your skates will work with you each time you take the ice. Forwards can make that deke and drive around the defense instead of hesitating, wondering if their edge will hold. Defensemen can make a smooth pivot to keep up with attackers without losing balance for a split second. You’ll flow through turns and get up the ice quicker with less effort and feel less fatigued late in the game. Now isn’t that better than just getting the same old sharpening everyone else gets and trudging through the ice on a too deep hollow?